Acting / Voice

Acting/Voice Training for Film, TV and Stage:

For nearly thirty years, Rae Ellen has coached and trained actors young and old, green and seasoned.

Through various techniques (The Linklater Method; body/breath/voice/text exploration) and gentle enquiry, Rae Ellen guides the actor toward a deeper, more intuitive connection to themselves, the material they are working on, and their acting partner. Over time the actor comes to develop a daily practice that cultivates a sense of agency and an enduring, flexible approach to their work that grows and evolves as the actor does.

Rae Ellen’s holistic approach to actor training considers the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health of the actor—particularly important in a business that can be challenging for professional actors to navigate in both the short and long-term.

Her skillset draws from a lifetime of dedication to, and love of, acting and actors. Stellar training and decades of practical, professional experience as an actor, acting/voice instructor, on-set Film & TV coach, theatre director and certified mindfulness instructor allow Rae to meet the needs of any performer.

Rae Ellen provides private acting/voice training, audition coaching (including accent/dialect prep, see below), and pre-production script prep.

For more on Rae’s approach to actor training, read ‘Remember to Breathe’, an article Rae wrote for ‘Intermission’, Toronto’s premiere online theatre magazine:

Accent/Dialect Coaching:

Rae Ellen provides accent/dialect coaching for auditions and booked roles. She also offers ongoing accent/dialect training to actors who are interested in mastering specific accents/dialects, such as General American.

Please contact for more info or to book a coaching.